For The Developer

If a parcel of land is being divided into two or more tracts by an individual, realtor, or other entity for purposes of sale or development, the provisions of the Robertson County Water Supply Corporation subdivision & service extension policy shall determine whether the Corporation may provide water service.  See our Notice of Requirement to Comply with the Subdivision and Service Extension Policy for more information:  RCWSC Subdivided Property Notice

To determine the general availability of water service for any subdivided land, please start here:  Water Available Inquires 

After receiving our confirmation of water service availability for the subdivided property location, the next step is to apply for service using the Non-Standard Service Application.  Payment of a service investigation fee or engineer study may be required, and additional documents must be submitted (see page 2 of the non-standard service application for more information).

Non-standard service requirements for developers or subdivisions are further explained in Section F of the Corporation tariff which is available for review at the Corporation office or can be found here:  RCWSC Tariff

Relevant Documents