Project News

Current Updates to Previous Report

  • We have purchased the excavation equipment and hired another employee.

  • We already have replaced 2500’ of aging water line along Highway 79. We estimate this in house line replacement saved us around $18,000 dollars.

  • We have purchased and installed the booster pumps for plant 1 and are waiting for the generator to arrive.

  • At plant 2 the generator pad is poured and ready for the old generator from plant 1 to be installed once the new generator arrive.

  • We are laying the ground work to achieve our three year goals as well.

  • We are working with the Brazos Valley Ground Water Conservation District to obtain a permit to drill a new well. Once we get the permit our engineers will submit for USDA rural development funding for the well and the infrastructure required for a new plant.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Thank you,

John Elliott
General Manager